Tips for Buying Replacement Laptop Batteries

It is common for heavy laptop users to experience problems the battery. Often it seems that a battery drains far quicker than it should, or takes longer to recharge. Since one of the main benefits of a laptop is the fact that it is portable, it is annoying if you have to keep it plugged in all the time in order to use it. This can also cause the battery to deteriorate further. Before you replace your laptop battery, try to refurbish it. If this is successful, it will save you a significant amount of money. It is common for laptop batteries to start to lose their charge after a few years of regular use. The lithium ion batteries used for laptops contain circuitry, which can be reset and then the batteries may be recharged.

laptop-battery-repair-300x198The first step is to let your laptop completely run down, discharging the lithium ion battery. Then put the battery on a charger that is specifically for lithium ion batteries. Charge it to full capacity to recalibrate the battery’s circuitry and take it back to its maximum operating capacity. If this does not work, however, it is likely that your battery is damaged and you will need to replace it.

When shopping for replacement laptop batteries, it is important to find the right model. You can find the model number for your battery on your laptop by clicking on the control panel, selecting Power Options, then Power Meter, and clicking on the icon of the battery. It should then be clear what make and model number your battery has.

Go online to find the website for your laptop manufacturer. There should be a facility to allow you to search for a new battery using the model number. This new battery is likely to cost at least $100. A cheaper option is to search for aftermarket replacement laptop batteries. Simply type the model number into your regular search engine and you should get a list of companies selling after market batteries. There are a couple of things to bear in mind; check that you are buying from a reputable company by researching the company’s background and reading consumer reviews. Be aware that you are taking some risks when you buy a battery that has not come directly from the manufacturer. Potential dangers include batteries catching fire and failing to charge.

Another option is to take your laptop and battery to a computer repair store; they may be able to sell you a replacement and give your laptop a quick inspection at the same time to make sure you have no other problems with it that could be affecting the battery life. Be prepared to pay higher prices than you would for a battery bought online, and to wait for them to order the correct model for you, as it is unlikely they will have all models in stock.

Finally, do not throw your old laptop battery in the trash; take it to an electrical recycling center as an environmentally friendly alternative.