Buying a Laptop Battery Charger

Most laptops come with a battery charger. An extra battery charger for your laptop is a worthwhile investment if you use your laptop in more than one location. Keeping one at home and one at the office, for example, might be preferable to having to remember to bring the charger brick and cable with you everywhere you go.

Not every laptop can use the same charger.  Some chargers can only be used for a certain brand of laptop, while a growing number of them are compatible with as many as nine or ten brands.  Whichever way you choose to go, make sure the charger supports your laptop brand.

Another extremely crucial consideration is the voltage of the laptop battery.  If the voltages do no match you run the risk of undercharging the battery when the volts are too low; and the battery could be severely damaged or even catch fire if the voltage is too high.  Always be sure that the voltage on the battery and charger are the same.

Universal battery chargers are becoming more common.  These are especially convenient for people with several laptops, smartphones, reading devices, etc.  Universal chargers generally have a plug or plugs for laptop tips and a USB port on one end and a wall socket plug on the other.  Most universal chargers you will find have up to nine laptop tips for different brands and often a USB adapter for many cell phones.  A universal charger typically costs between $50 and $100, depending on how many laptop brands and other devices it can support.  If you use a lot of devices, a universal charger can be a smart investment.

Of course, prevention matters, too: there are ways to make a battery last.  Always turn off the laptop when it is not in use.  Lower the screen brightness and close any programs you aren’t using to decrease the load on the battery.  Do not charge your battery unless it is needed, and consider using a lithium-ion battery if your laptop does not already have one.  By preserving the life of your battery, you help prolong the life of the charger as well.

Laptop battery charger shopping does not have to be a difficult process.  Decide ahead of time what is right for you, if you have to; write down the brand and voltage of your battery or batteries to make sure your new charger will match.  Set aside the amount of money you want to spend based on whether or you want a universal charger or a one or two brand charger, which you can usually find for under $30. Finally, take care of the battery and charger so you will not have to buy another one soon.